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changing the world, one guitar at a time…


A selection of guitar repairs and refinishes. If you’re of a sensitive disposition some of the photographs may make you wince . . .
Click on the photos for larger image galleries.

Headstock replacement for Adam’s Framus


When Adam Baker brought his beloved old Framus to Mick it was without its original headstock. The replacement was crudely screwed in place and the screws had started to come through the fingerboard.

Mick made a replica of the original headstock which was grafted on to the neck by stripping it back to expose the truss rod.

To complete the illusion, Mick even added some dings and distress to the lacquer.

Major surgery!

Lakland Bass – Total rebuild . . .

Definitely not one for the squeamish!

Rick Graham brought this casualty of the road to Mick to see if anything could be done to save it.

Be amazed by the transformation! . . .

Headstock repair to Epiphone


Headstock totally snapped off but not for long . . .

Click on the image to reveal a step by step gallery of the repair.

Hofner Verithin Refurbishment


Mick completely restored this ’60s classic to its former glory.

Check out the before and after shots in the gallery

Kasabian Firebird Bass


This Gibson Firebird bass was completely destroyed on a Kasabian tour of the USA.

Mick does tons of work for the band and in this case completely rebuilt and refinished the instrument.

Lowden Classical Headstock Repair

Severe headstock damage to this Lowden beautifully repaired.


Taylor 12 String Repair


This Taylor had received damage to the top in the form of a large hole on the lower bout.

Mick made and fitted a splice as shown in the photos.

The owner then decided to have Mick enhance the repair further by adding the butterfly inlay.

Kasabian SG – Heel Joint Repair

Yes – those Kasabian boys strike again – this time with a neck heel break on an SG.


Parlour Restoration

When Vaughan brought this pretty little Parlour guitar to Mick, the neck was split, bowed and warped with no truss rod, the rosette inlay was shattered, binding was missing and the headstock was broken!

So – remove old finger board and install truss rod, make new ebony fingerboard with new inlays and fit, repair rosette with lacquer and mother of pearl inlays, repair broken headstock and fit Waverley tuners, make new ‘pyramid’ bridge and fit and Bob’s yer Monkhouse!

Gibson 335 Restoration

This 335 was in a state of complete disrepair. Nearly half of the front was cut away and a metel plate bolted to the body. The body cavity was filled badly with mahogany fillets, screwed and fixed with epoxy resin.  An XLR connector and two jacks were fitted to an internal veroboard EQ system, which did not work

A complete mess!

Completely restored to the owners specifications

Midnight blue gloss metallic sprayed top, brown back and sides (gloss), three pickups with 5way rotary selector and a complete refret

Zemaitis Sun Guitar Body Rebuild

Another instrument to suffer the rigours of Kasabian’s touring schedule. This guitar is an original Tony Zemaitis creation. Needless to say, Mick needs to work absolute miracles here.

Guitar  completed salvaging original neck and bridge, abalone and ebony (which was re-inlaid).

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