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I am truly delighted to write a few words about my friend, when I say my friend, actually Mick is everyone’s friend, I am not exaggerating when I say that since the early `80s Mick pretty much keep Reading bands gigging single-handed. It would be fair to say that if you were lounging around his house from 3 o’clock any Saturday afternoon people would form an orderly queue outside the front door to pick up their hopelessly trashed equipment transformed by Mick back into working equipment, Goth , Punk, Glam Rocker, Troubadour, Jazzer, Blueser, New Romantic, New Waver, Metaler and Famous people all in equal measures.

Mick isn’t a small bloke he’s actually a very big bloke, someone told me that at one point he was seventh best discus thrower in the UK. That’s the UK mind not just England.That means that he can easily lift me up off the floor with both hands round my neck, in fact he frequently used to whenever I bumped into him. I was never too bothered as he always had a beaming smile on his face and always seemed genuinely pleased to see me. And that’s what I love about Mick. His undying enthusiasm whether it is for people, guitars, amps or new ideas. He has a passion for it all and its infectious. He is generous and kind.

Oh . . . And he makes beautiful instruments, stunningly beautiful in fact and he seems to do it with ease. No showing off, no drama. He will casually toss some amazing guitar at you for you to catch (no pressure)! I’ve just be working on this (Geordie translated in to English) hells teeth marn arv just bin workin on this gitar lik yer na.

And it looks beautiful, and it sounds out of this world, and the detail is sublime and the balance is exquisite and the woods and grain are divine and it has mojo and soul and it wants to become a living vibrant thing in your hands and it’s possibilities are endless . . . and I wonder how such a massive bloke with fingers like sausages can craft such a thing of resonance, such a thing of inspiration, ready to create music, ready to express, a guitar that in the right hands could change people’s lives . . . and to hold such an object in your hands is both humbling and awe-inspiring at the same time and Mick did this . . . out of bits of wood and bone . . . and then I understand, inside that massive bloke beats a massive heart and that’s what defines him!
Everything about Mick is big!!

He`s a big generous man with a big heart and a big soul and that’s what goes into his work, so when he makes you something, it’s part of him and, and there’s a lot of him so you get a lot of it and that’s what makes everything he does so great. He’s an awesome human and an undisputed master craftsman. I`m glad people are sussing out what we have had the privilege to know for years. On many levels we all owe Mick a lot.
Right on!

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