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Mick has been an absolute diamond and the guitar he’s built for me is incredible!  He took the ideas of what I was looking for and crafted the most beautiful instrument for me, not only with his design choices but also in the wonderfully balanced, rounded tone it produces and the fantastic playability of it, something only achievable by a master craftsman.

This 000 is the nicest guitar I’ve ever played in any price range (I tried plenty looking for this one) but it’s not just better though, in my opinion it’s head and shoulders above the rest and that’s all down to Mick’s skills.

I’m really glad to have met Mick and so grateful for all his help fixing my guitars, amps, pedals, lights (a truly multi-talented chap!) cups of tea, introductions and company.  I wanted him to make me something that he would love and he’s done just that, to the point I think he’s a little bit sorry to have to give it to me!

Cheers mate!!

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