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The name Mick Johnson has been mentioned around the sites for years in the world of The Shadows, I knew he had built Strats for my friends and was mates with Bruce Welch, but I had never laid eyes on him.

Having just got a swamp ash Strat body from the US I wanted to finish it a colour other than Fiesta Red. Mick was recommended to me and I was lucky enough to get his phone number. Anyway after a brief chat on the phone Mick invited me to his house, and he also agreed to mix some wood dye for me to the colour I had in my head !!

What a clever man he is. The quality of his workmanship is unbelievable and no wonder he is kept so busy making guitars. It seemed that every five minuets I was looking at another work of art, along with his very humorous banter. To meet somebody for the first time and to be treated to a private viewing of his wonderful hand-built guitars was a pleasure beyond belief.

Mick makes every part of the guitar himself from his own private stock of timber, he gave me a neck to look at that he is working on this week , it was fantastic to see it in progress, no wonder that the guitars carrying the Johnson logo are much sought after.

What a great bloke. Thanks Mick for helping me with my guitar colour!

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