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When I told Mick that I needed a hand made Maccaferri I wanted a guitar that didn’t just look the part but could cope with the awesome range of repertoire demanded in this genre.

We used Django’s 1945 Selmer as a starting point, American black walnut neck, the sides were laminated rosewood/poplar/mahogany and the top a piece of 35 year old spruce that Mick had been saving for a masterpiece. Ebony fretboard but the bridge was originally stained rosewood to look like ebony and Mick did this too.

The front and back of the guitar Mick heat formed, the resultant shell pushes the sound out of that small hole and gives the guitar its powerful dynamic. The bindings and linings are all made from scratch and the sound hole inlay pared from slices.

The only additions were a truss rod and a big tone pick up in the bridge.

The tone and volume from this instrument illicit comments and raised eyebrows from friends and strangers alike whenever I take a solo on an acoustic session. I only hope I can get good enough to justify owning it!

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