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I gave Mick my old Burns Sonic to see what he could do with it, and jaw dropping is an understatement. Bought in 1965 when I was a callow youth it was the bright red  beloved of the times, but not by me, and in 1969 with the aid of a chisel and then the discovery of Nitromors it went back to the bare wood which people had then started to favour. And that’s the way it stayed for nearly fifty years until I had a sense that it deserved better. Off to Mick it went and he has used a richer burgundy tone which shows off the grain of the wood. I have to say that I wasn’t prepared for just how good it looks.

The Tri-Sonics are as good as ever, and the Morris Minor toggle switch for the pick-ups no longer crackles like a bag of Walkers. Amazing result, and now I’ve got that Spinal Tap feeling – ‘ no-one can touch this guitar.’ But I will. Thanks, Mick, for your vision and craftsmanship. John

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