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Big Mick’s name was given to me some years ago by the legend in leather Mr Pete Lincoln, when some amp or guitar had gone west. An imposing figure when first met would not be an unfair statement, (not Lincoln he’s a little weed). Anyway from then till now I don’t think there is a guitar or amp that I own that the big fella has not done something to. Mick is also a pretty good guitarist so invariably when I go and pick up fixed item we end up swapping guitar licks and distasteful jokes.

In the end I decided to test him to the full and commissioned him to build a guitar from scratch. After leafing through every page of the Find A Bugger Of A Guitar To Build book, I settled on a Firebird.

Together we put forward all the ingredients that would make a great looking and sounding guitar and boy did we get it right. It is frigging awesome. I believe there are photos in the gallery of the guitar, the build quality is second to none.

Mick is the master….the big fella rocks!


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