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What can I say? I’m absolutely gob-smacked and delighted with the ‘Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation’ ‘Johnson J45’ you made for me!

I just took it straight out of the case WITHOUT even tuning it and it was perfectly in tune and sounded FANTASTIC, with a rich very even tone and perfect intonation right up to the ‘dusty’ end!

I think I can say ‘hand on heart’ it’s at least equal to the BEST acoustic guitar I’ve EVER played, if not actually the best, (and I’ve played at least 2 others! … Ho Ho!)

More like 200 others, INCLUDING Don Everly’s J200 (courtesy of J.I. Allison)  as played on most, if not all of their early hits.

You’re a true master craftsman Mick and I’m proud to be the recipient of one of your master pieces!

(Can’t wait to get my ‘Johnson Strat’  made!)

Keep on Luthier-ing my boy.

Love & Laughter,

Mike Berry

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