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I was given Mick’s details originally as a result of a query I had about my guitar amp. We chatted for while and then got onto the subject of guitars. I mentioned a problem I had with my 60s reissue rosewood neck Strat, in that the lacquer was causing my left hand to stick to the neck, especially when playing in hot and humid pubs/clubs. Also due to the small neck radius (7.5ins) and the low action I had , I was getting a lot of choking on the high E string around the 12th – 16th frets.

I had previously contacted a few people, including Fender UK, but could not get any help. I was told that when the guitars were originally built and designed, nobody did high-end bends, or were there light gauge strings. The only solution was to have a new neck, which could only be obtained via a parts company online. This was not an option I wished to pursue!

Straight away Mick said I can increase the neck radius on your guitar and re lacquer it, plus refret it. He gave me a good price for the work and I gave him the go ahead.

I have just got my Strat back and to say that I am impressed with it would be an understatement. It is superb and I cannot wait to start using it at gigs.

Thank you very much Mick and I look forward to you sorting out my guitar and amp problems in the future.

Oh by the way – I love your wicked sense of humour


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