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Over the last 25 years or more Mick has got me out of trouble more times than I care to remember with last minute fixes of wayward bits of gear. Tuners, FX pedals, Power supplies, Keyboards, Amps, Speakers and more!

I love my Johnson bass . . . Mick wasn’t happy with the first neck he made so, like the perfectionist he is, he made another. I love my Johnson Strat, even though Mick hates the colour! Both instruments do exactly what they’re supposed to . . . only better. He’s making me another guitar as I write so watch this space . . .

Mick is a great bloke and a great friend. I am constantly in awe of the stuff he can do. He also makes bloody marvellous guitars!

PS – I’ve recently taken possession of my wonderful Johnson Custom J-45. It’s everything I’d hoped for in a slope-shouldered dreadnought – great for letting rip with flat pick acoustic rhythm and equally at home with delicate finger picking – a real all-rounder. Fat bass and sweet treble. Thanks Mick!

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