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This is my beautiful Johnson J200 Custom. Not only is she stunning looking, she sounds awesome.

Right the way through this project, Mick has taken care to ensure that my own vision of the finished guitar was translated into reality, whilst ensuring at the same time that it would also deliver the bright sound I wanted by giving me advice on the most appropriate choice of ‘tonewoods’.

When Mick asked me to give a name to her for the headstock inscription, I called her ‘Good Vibrations’. That was because Mick had just ‘tuned’ the acoustics of the wooden top of the guitar body &, even at that stage, I could hear that the sound (think Australian¬† ‘Wobble Board’) was deep and lively.

Some weeks later on seeing and hearing the finished guitar, I can only say that the instrument is a true ‘work of art’ and, in every area, finished to the highest standard. It plays like a dream… Mick sets his own standards and believe me when I say that perfection is his goal – he doesn’t let anything slip past.

Thank you Michael Johnson…

Ric Bardsley

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