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For anyone lucky enough to be given Mick”s contact details in their pursuit of a highly skilled Luthier I can honestly say “search no more” and think of yourself as a very lucky individual.

Your first meeting will be an experience in itself and if you have appealed to Mick’s good nature you can be assured that only time  will separate you from the return of your beloved instrument, playing, looking and sounding probably better than the day it was originally conceived.

Some 5 or 6 years ago i found myself knocking on Mick’s door clasping a Levin LM26 in hand in desperate need of some major TLC . Mick immediately ‘took over’ enlightening me on almost every aspect of the guitar from materials and acoustic qualities to optional ‘sympathetic’ finishing to retain ‘age’ he even proceeded to explain Herman Carlson Levin’s historic links with C.F.Martin and Co.! What didn’t this man know about guitars ?

I remember leaving his house with just that I phone in 4 weeks for a progress update. The 4 weeks passed by and my call was greeted with a “It’ll be ready Monday”. Four weeks three days had past since leaving him with the Levin, a true basket case of a project. Had i wasted my money?

Honestly, nothing, could have prepared me for my surprise when I saw his completed work, it was now something of beauty, the finish of which was outstanding, like new, and it played impeccably!

Since that first project I have managed to persuade Mick to take on more work typically with greater historic interest for me and for him and he has continued to impress with his outstanding craftsmanship, enthusiasm and undoubted skills involving of late two very interesting and unique Parlour guitars that may possibly be logged in his Repairs Gallery.

Thanks Mick for such quality work and for the opportunity of knowing you, most individuals who ‘Brush with the Stars’ would not entertain my level ! you are a true ‘Bloody good Bloke’

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